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CRIF provides credit risk management by using own DSPONE platform. This solution enables Deltavista's Partners to outsource their systems and save IT costs, as well as configure the processes up to their needs. The high efficiency of the system is proven by 50 million generated credit reports annually and system availability level of 99.99 percent.

CRIF offers an extensive range of powerful tools for comprehensive risk analysis. It provides ready-made products as well as solutions in the area of Big Data, based on the integration of unstructured data sets built with our Partners.

CRIF's solutions provide an integrated access to numerous databases, and thus to the full and current information about all entities partaking in econic life. As a result, on the basis of consolidated information, CRIF provides an accurate assessment of payment reliability, monitoring of entities and determining the current addresses. An important element in this regard is the service of the National Bureau of Economic Information (KBIG).